Luca Demo

Hello, I’m Luca Demo!

I felt in love for computers very early but unfortunately (let’s talk about it…) that love is still the only one I have in my life…
I’ve studied computer science at Padova University and in december 2016 I finally got my Master Degree. At the moment I’m looking forward to join the underpaid category which I belong to (well… in Italy at least).

My studies focus on
Artificial Intelligence

so all the related topics like machine learning, information retrieval, constraint programming… all cool stuffs.
Being an eternal kid, I’m also still interested in computer games but one of my latest interests is indeed Chinese language and I was able to get an HSK level 2 certification.

I’m not really into blogs, not even social networks like Facebook et similia but I have to live with them… So why I’m here writing this now?
Maybe I just want to share something about my works and experiences with others or simply keep my english alive while having fun…

Don’t expect me to update this blog daily, not every day I do something cool… usually I don’t 🙁

That said, enjoy 🙂