I graduated, what now?

The last month I reached two goals: I finally graduated in computer science and I passed the Chinese HSK (汉语水平考试) level 2 exam.
During Xmas holidays I had a chance to visit the Emirates and now I’m rather relaxed.
Highest tower in Dubai, I visited it after I graduated
Since then I’m not really doing anything, of course I’m checking job aggregator websites (Indeed, Monster…) as well job oriented socials like LinkedIn and also considering the many job offers I get through them.

To get a Job

However up to now I got not many interesting junior or graduated opportunities. Or at least not related to my academic specialisation (Machine learning and data analysis) in Italy.
I checked how many machine learning related job openings are there in Italy and abroad… the comparison is harsh.
Of course, I could travel and work abroad, but that can’t be the only way…
Meanwhile I got a couple interesting job interview and I realized that my machine learning related knowledge is slowing fading away. I spent the last year on my thesis focusing on just a few algorithms and tools (Support Vector Machines models and Python) and I started forgetting many other things I studied.
If I really want to work on this, I must refresh everything to not look like a dumb during interviews.


That’s why I’m going to start again from machine learning basis up to the main algorithms.
While doing that, I’ll try to keep this blog updated reporting what I’m studying. Probably noone will read what I’ll write down here, but it is still a nice way to better fix the concepts in my mind.

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