When Subclipse plugin freezes

The last few weeks (months…) I have been working on my thesis work, as I’m going to present it this fall to get my M.D. in Computer Science.
Maybe in the future I’ll explain you what it is all about, but now I just want to share a really annoying fact that made me lose more than an hour. I surfed the web looking for a solution that I did not found. Maybe so simple that noone ever posted…

The problem

Whenever I try to commit changes to SVN remote repository, update to any version the local copy or even browse the repository, Eclipse just hangs waiting for Subclipse plugin to return. The operation itself is unstoppable from Eclipse (as usual, IDE stop command is ignored by Subclipse), forcing me to kill the whole IDE from shell.

Logs were clear, so nothing to see there…
I removed all the plugins, reinstalled and applied the new updates and nothing worked…
I wanted to check if there was any problem with the SVN server itself so I tried with shell commands and… they worked just fine! The problem was indeed Subclipse, for sure something related to cached data or settings that an fresh IDE+plugins installation does not clean.

The “omg was really that easy” solution

Long story short: you have to clean subversion cache and settings.
In my Linux Mint 18 os there is a folder that is accessed every time subversion is called.
My folder path is /home/<user>/.subversion/  just delete it with a rm -R .subversion, and hopefully subclipse won’t hang again. Interesting fact is that .subversion folder is created only when you call SVN from shell, not through Subclipse plugin. So why should that folder be a problem to the plugin?

Nov4 2016 Update

The last few days the same problem returned, again… I tried with the procedure I suggested before but nothing, Eclipse sometimes also crashes and shuts down.
However, I was able to get it working again by cleaning also Eclipse cache.
To do that, just open eclipse.ini configuration file in eclipse directory and add -clean at the head of the file.
Luckily this will fix the problem (together with .subversion folder deletion).


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